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eHealthAI is developing artificial intelligence to assist doctors and empower patients to diagnose and manage health issues.

We are creating easy to use, affordable, clinically-validated and regulatory-cleared diagnostic tools that only require internet connection. Our developments are designed to be easily integrated into existing health solutions, and we are also working on apps to provide different disease diagnosis and management directly to consumers and healthcare providers.

On a stated mission to become a natural part of the healthcare system for people to prevent and overcome multiple diseases, eHealthAI provides scalable, personalized AI powered software for health .

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Skin Cancer AI Software

eHealthAI delivers its industry coaching programmes across Europe via an advanced app that can be used both in a clinical situation or by a final B2C solution.

Benign case

Malignant case


Answers to frequently asked questions

They present more than 95% of accuracy with their training data. Our AI is being applied now with actual real data and real patients and accuracy is maintained

The short answer is «STILL NO». We are closing deals with associations to be available for the general public to use and with investigation centers and hospitals for clinical valuation and clinical use.

No. It is a suite of AI brains that can be used un multiple situations: they can be used and presented as an app (for skin cancer detection, for example), but can be connected to other disease diagnosis Systems of third part ERPs or applications.

Our calculations and McKinsey Global Institute studies expect AI to reduce health care assistance cost in <38%, reduce to almost zero days for diagnostic in some severe health diseases and reduce assistance burden by 35%

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